Saturday, February 15, 2014

Emily de Molly Remnants Returns

Yay a new Emily de Molly, you know how much I love this brand and there is nothing quite as exciting as getting my hands on the new releases. Today I have a beauty to share with you. Remnant Returns is a new glitter topper from Emily de Molly. I love that it doesn't only include all the colours it also has many different shapes of glitter. Again making sure I had the bottle upside down for awhile before use I didn't have any problems with picking up glitter on the brush. If I applied it again I wouldn't apply as much glitter but for the first time using it I wanted to make sure all the glitters were on my nails. It took a few coats of topcoat to make it smooth but with all the shapes of glitter it is not surprising :).

Have a wonderful weekend, Tx.          

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