Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peach Valentine's Nail Design

Valentine's Day designs don't have to be pink or red, today's design is in the gorgeous peaches n' cream by piCture pOlish with grey, white and a deeper peach. My index finger I painted peaches n' cream, added one coat of top coat and let it dry. I then added striping tape and painted one coat of Zoya Dove over the nail, tape and all. I counted to 10 and removed the striping tape with tweezers, added a layer of topcoat and it's done. For my middle finger I did a base colour of white, added topcoat and let it dry. I then used Zoya Kelly, Zoya Dove, butter London Trout Pout and piCture pOlish peaches n' cream for hearts made with a dotting tool. My ring and pinkie fingers were done in peaches n' cream and dove with small white dots. I love the colours together :)

It's Sunday here, weekends go way too fast, hope you're enjoying yours, Tx.

1 comment:

  1. I love the pastels you paired with this mani! It would be great for Valentines Day but I really think this is a great manicure all year round, and the pastel colours really are great in the Spring time.



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