Friday, February 21, 2014


Just to add a little humour to your day I thought I'd share some swatching outakes or more aptly bloopers. The above photo I've named Swatching in Straya (Straya - Abbreviation of Australia. Pronounced as one syllable. Aussies tend to tilt their head to the side as they say it"). Flies are an annoying part of swatching outside at this time of year and are the best photobombers.

Here is my constant photography assistant, not that he assists as much as he photo bombs. He's gotten so used to my swatching that as soon as I stand up from my nail table he runs to the sliding door to wait for me.

I think the tongue out here is to display his displeasure at me saying he doesn't actually help :).

Hope they brought a smile to your face, Tx.


  1. The fly one made me laugh so much! How did you just so happen to catch the fly at that moment! And ohmygoodness your little buddy is so cute!

  2. That little dog is sooo cute! And that is coming from somebody that doesn't even like dogs! :)


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