Thursday, August 29, 2013

a England Galahad and the moonbeams..

I'm so in love with a England and so pleased that this amazing brand is now so readily available in Australia. I may have been buying up a little lot :). Today I have the super amazing Galahad, a gorgeous creme finish in a soft dusty teal. It applied like a dream and is just the prettiest colour. I own quite a few teals but the soft dusty leanings of this colour make it unique to my collection. I used and the moonbeams... on my pinkie and I love it :). It's nice to have the pinkie as an accent nail for a change. It took 4 light coats to reach opaqueness. I then stamped my ring finger using a pueen plate and China Glaze Passion. I loved this look but luckily there were more a Englands waiting in my untried pile that I wasn't too sad to take it off. It's definitely going to be having a lot of use in the future. If you haven't tried a England you really should, the formula on every polish I've tried so far is just perfect!

So I haven't totally lost my mind, though I'm feeling so tired it's a possibility. For some reason blogger didn't publish my full post yesterday so it read ridiculously. I'll go back and fix it now, grrr at blogger. Have a fab Thursday, for some crazy reason Thursday is my favourite weekday, I think it's mainly because tomorrow is Friday so the promise of the weekend starts looming today :). Take care, Tx


  1. Amazing design! Very feminine, loving it! :)

  2. Thanks so much it's a gorgeous polish, they both are.


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