Sunday, August 11, 2013

Guest Blogger Relle from The Lazy Lacquerista

Today we have our second guest blogger the amazing Relle from The Lazy Lacquerista. I'm so pleased to have Relle here, and love that I founded her first lemming. Femme Fatale Cosmetics Winter Hyacinth is still one of my all time favourite polishes. Relle's hand painted work in this look is incredible, the cherry is fantastic! I'll hand over to Relle to see how explain how she did this fab look.

Hi everybody!  I'm a wee bit excited about making a guest post on It's All About the Polish.  Not only was it one of the first blogs I followed, but Theresa was solely responsible for my first lemming infestation after I saw her photos of Femme Fatale's Winter Hyacinth (which is still a top favourite of mine).  This post will be my very first guest post, so Theresa has helped me complete a hat trick of firsts!  

I couldn't resist painting some cherry themed nail art as this post is popping my "guest post" cherry.  It was also a great excuse to buy some new polish, so I picked up Sinful Colours Snow Me White, Innocent and Ruby Ruby.  I am very happy with all three of these polishes, and they were just perfect for what I had planned.  I started off with a base of Snow Me White with a feature nail of Innocent.  Over the white nails I did a freehand lattice of Innocent with a long striping brush, then painted in the cherry and mini hearts using a dotting tool.  I finished off the feature nail with a dark green stem, then outlined it with black and white stripers.  

I let my nails dry for a while, then went to put on my top coat.  Things went a little haywire at this point, and if you're familiar with my blog you will know I am always having little mishaps while painting my nails.  This time was no exception, as I stupidly decided to try a top coat I've never used before.  Luckily I only smeared two of my little hearts before I realised and swapped over to my go-to top coat for nailart, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.  

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