Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lilypad - We are mint to be

Now I do love green but how awesome is this mid green holo? It is so pretty and the holo is just fabulous. I used quite a few different lights to show off the holo. Above is in a well lit area with flash. The first one below is daytime light but as it was a cloudy day I used flash. It is just the most gorgeous green, lighter green than any other green holo I own. Application is a breeze and this polish will be added to my favourites box as you can really wear it any time or place. I am again using my cinderella hand and it only works in one position so forgive the lack of variety in photos.

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Thursday :( but at least tomorrow is Friday!! Tx

Above is natural light, on a very overcast day.

Above is night time in a poorly lit area with flash.


  1. What a gorgeous polish, haven't seen anything like it!

    1. I hadn't either - it's so pretty!

  2. Agh mint holo - bestill my heart!

    1. This one is a deeper mint, I have a lighter one, more a true mint to me on the way :)


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