Saturday, November 2, 2013

Neon Orly Glow stick Chevron

I'm loving the warmer months and being able to pull out the neons. Orly Glowstick would have to be up there with my favourite neons. I'm also really loving Zoya Kelly at the moment as a change from using black all the time. It is the perfect charcoal grey and works really well in nail art as an alternative to black as you don't have any of the streaking issues you often find with black. For the chevron design I used striping tape down the middle of my nails and taped both sides at an angle before filling them in with nail polish on a nail art brush. Unfortunately the bleeding tape bled a little and that's where the random red shadows come from. It is fiddly to use striping tape but it created amazing designs and I think it's worth it. This overall look is fun and I adore the pop from Orly Glowstick.

Have an amazing Saturday, Tx.

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