Monday, November 11, 2013

AN Monday - Emily de Molly - Head over Heels and Emily de Molly Stamping plate 02

Today's AN Monday theme is pink or purple Aussie Indie. As I'm also trying to use only untried polishes this month I chose the gorgeous holo by Emily de Molly Head Over Heels. I also felt in the mood for stamping so tried out Emily de Molly stamping plate 02. I use China Glaze Harmony to stamp with. I love subtle stamping, and these two look like they were made for each other. The holo as with all Emily de Molly holos applied beautifully and the stamping plate was a delight to use, picking up the image every time.

Ah Monday already :( Hope the week goes quickly for us all, Tx.

Lily Jinks - @lilyandjinks
Tracy - @oliviajade19
Holly - @nails_by_holly
Naomi - @nadeekay and Nananaisnails
Erin Wu -  @erinzi and Erin Zi’s Nails
Elissa -@tenlittlenubs and Ten Little Nubs
Astrid - @lovessweetas
Sarah Claire - @shattermeclaire or Shatter me Claire
Sylvie - @smudgedpolish
Relle - @lazylacquerista or Lazy Lacquerista
Tammy - @ohmygoshpolish
Christinemay - @xtinemayyy or Nails at 2am
Tash Birch - @tashisdead
Nicki - @celestialcosmetics
Briana -
Kelly - @kellyskolors and Kelly's Kolors!


  1. It looks so beautiful! Both the colours and the image!


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