Monday, November 18, 2013

MckFresh Nail Attire - Retrosweat collection

Today I am previewing the MckFresh Nail Attire - Retrosweat collection. MckFresh Nail Attire in collaboration with Retrosweat have designed the ultimate 80's collection called Retrosweat.
 As I'm an 80's girl at heart I loved swatching this collection. This collection will available from the 24th November at 6pm at the MckFresh Nail Attire store.

The first polish I have to show you today is Uptown Girl. In a gorgeous soft (I'd call it) Sage Green this polish is a holo and just gorgeous on the nails. The application was flawless, very smooth and easy to work with. I am wearing three coats here, mainly because I'm a three coat girl, two coats would be perfectly fine. Now most light green polishes turn my hands into lobster hands, while I have a little redness it is very slight and that makes this soft green a huge winner in my books. A fabulous user friendly polish that is unique in my holo collection.

The second polish is named Flick-Kick. Wow this one brings back some memories! In the 80's my absolute favourite nail polish colour was Blue Opal by Cutex. I even had the lipstick to match and I thought I was uber trendy. Now Blue Opal is a thing of the past this gorgeous pink beauty brought all those memories flooding back. While it is lighter than Blue Opal and a gorgeous candy pink the blue shimmer is to die for and the reason I loved Blue Opal so much. A lot of polishes promise to have colour shimmers that you never really see on the nail but Flick-Kick delivers it all. I didn't even have to use super angles or just the right light to make it show in photos. This applied beautifully, the formula again was super smooth and user friendly. I am wearing 3 coats with top coat but again you could easily just use two. I love this polish!

Uh huh - this 3rd polish just screams the 80's doesn't it? This beauty is Shattered Dreams and just looking at it brings visions of leg warmers and leotards. With a gorgeous grape purple creme base this polish has bright yellow, bright blue, hot pink, white and black matte glitters. I love the range of shapes and colours of glitter in this polish. This was super easy to apply, I did a little fishing but mainly so I'd have the right colour for where I wanted it. I am wearing two coats with top coat and think this creme glitter is the 80's in a bottle.

Electric Blue is the 4th polish and the name is so appropriate! In a super vibrant blue this holo is amazing. Application was again flawless, these polishes have an awesome formula. I am wearing three coats and top coat. This is just the prettiest shade of blue and while I have many blues this is unique to my collection.

The last one from this collection is Fonda Peach. This is a lovely soft peach with a gorgeous shimmer through out. I really like this colour and have nothing remotely similar to it in my stash. The first coat did apply a little streaky but it sorted itself out by the third thin coat so a not a big deal at all. Even with the initial streakiness the formula on this polish is lovely, so rich and creamy. 

That brings to an end the Retrosweat collection, it is a super fun collection that had me thrown back to the 80's and humming "Let's get physical". The release date for this collection is the 24th November and you can find out more about the polishes and the team behind them by following the links below.

Mckfresh Nail Attire 
Etsy store

Retro Sweat 

These polishes were provided for review, this does not change the way I write about them.

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