Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Emily de Molly - Dark Depths colour blocking

I tried something a little different and it kind of worked and kind of didn't. I wanted to colour block an accent nail over a gorgeous glitter. I did manage to achieve that but my choice of colours let me down and the navy blue doesn't show as much a I would have liked. I still like the end results and think it's just as important to share the ones that didn't work as it is the ones that did. I know and now you know in attempting this again I need to pick two contrasting colours over subtle matching colours. The gorgeous base glitter is the rich coloured Dark Depths by Emily de Molly. I am often asked about the silver glitter, this is my favourite silver glitter look and I use one coat of Zoya Trixie an one or two coats of a England's Merlin. Merlin is a fabulous silver glitter and a must have for any collection.

I hope everyone's week is going well, Tx.

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