Monday, November 4, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Aus Indie blue or green - Femme Fatale Cosmetic - World of Shadows

I do love a glitter bomb and a green glitter bomb is heaven to me. World of Shadows is in a gorgeous emerald green jelly base and is packed full of glitter. With gorgeous white diamonds, iridescent shards and many tones of green hex glitter the polish has sensational depth. I have used two dabed coats here with no base colour. I love this polish it's just so beautiful! Please visit the other wonderful participants listed below.

Lily Jinks - @lilyandjinks
Tracy - @oliviajade19
Holly - @nails_by_holly
Naomi - @nadeekay and Nananaisnails
Erin Wu -  @erinzi and Erin Zi’s Nails
Elissa -@tenlittlenubs and Ten Little Nubs
Astrid - @lovessweetas
Sarah Claire - @shattermeclaire or Shatter me Claire
Sylvie - @smudgedpolish
Relle - @lazylacquerista or Lazy Lacquerista
Tammy - @ohmygoshpolish
Christinemay - @xtinemayyy or Nails at 2am
Tash Birch - @tashisdead
Nicki - @celestialcosmetics
Briana -
Kelly - @kellyskolors and Kelly's Kolors!
Tara - @lokislacquer or  Osiris and Loki paint their nails


I love reading people's thoughts so please leave a comment. If you have a blog or facebook page etc please leave the link I love looking at everyone's gorgeous nail work.


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