Saturday, November 23, 2013

Dead Set Babes - Festivus Collection

Today I have the Dead Set Babes Festivus Collection to share with you. I love both polishes and think they are just lovely. You can purchase these through the Dead Set Babes etsy store for $9.95.  You can also find Dead Set Babes on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

 Firstly is You Don't Know Jack (Frost). Bella from Dead Set Babes describes it as "a blue to red shifting base filled with fine & medium sized iridescent glitter and white snowflakes". I have worn it over a white base colour and the iridescent glitter is just so beautiful. I really love the snowflake glitter and it adds an extra wow factor to a beautiful polish. This one is absolutely ideal for the festive season. Application was great and after having the bottle upside down for awhile before application I had no problems with the snowflake glitter.

The second Christmas Festivus polish is Griswald Family Christmas Tree. Wow this one is so appropriately named and it's like the Griswald's were captured in a bottle. It's out there and I just love it for being different, innovative and just a fun polish to wear. It has bar glitter and many many dots in different colours and sizes. It really does look like a Christmas tree. I have applied it over a base colour of Zoya Tangy and as I used the dab glitter method it's hard to say how many coats I used. Again with having the bottle upside down I had no problems with glitter coming out. The only problem I did have was to make sure I pushed all the bar glitter into place to avoid any hang over pieces. I even chopped a couple that I noticed too late to maneuver around. I love it so much, perfect name for a perfectly unique polish.

These polishes were provided for review, this does not change the way I write about them.

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