Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gloss 'N Sparkle Boogey Man's briefs

This is the closest you will see of me doing halloween nails. I'm not against the holiday at all I just believe that it is becoming too commercial in Australia as well as a concern I have for the homogenising of cultures. While generations of children and adults in many countries have enjoyed the customs of Halloween it has only been in the last few years that Australians have jumped on the Halloween bandwagon. I like to believe Australia as well as other countries have their own customs and rituals. However through the forces of globalisation what was traditionally ours and theirs is proving difficult to keep separate and the lines are becoming blurred as we fight harder to articulate our national identity. I want us to keep hold of our uniqueness and have a genuine concern that in the quick growth of  globalisation there is a threat that we lose what it means to be Australian. Enough of my opinion and on to the polish.

This beauty was brought out by Gloss 'N Sparkle for Halloween but I had to buy it as it is just the prettiest green. Teemed with the colourful glitters and the awesome neon hexes and stars - I just love it. I am wearing two coats, this was very easy to apply and involved no fishing for any glitter.

If you celebrate Halloween enjoy! I have nothing against anyone who does, I just prefer not to :).

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  1. Happy celtic's new year!!! hahahaha Here in Argentina the "grown ups" don't like when the youngers talk about halloween, people almost hate that kind of globalisation here. But the candy shops take advantaje of it anyways! That's the best part :)
    I love GnS, and that minty-green base is AWESOME!!!!


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