Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Princess Grace - Wave of polish

Princess Grace final

The wave of polish auctions start today AEDT about 5 and a half hours away. I wanted to share this auction lot with you as it means so much to me. Don't forget to look at the other lots on offer and bid at http://waveofpolish.blogspot.com.au 

All of our polishes are beautiful but this one is extra special. This polish was made between myself and Hayley (Emily de Molly) in honour of my beautiful little Princess who lived for just 2 days but changed our lives completely. She would now be in her teens, so I wanted a polish that she might like now, so we moved away from the pastels and into something bright and fun. I love the finished look and Hayley did an amazing job of creating exactly what I imagined. So this is for her, my daughter and the reason behind the Wave of Polish. It felt important that she be included.

Princess Grace - a green jelly/creme with neon yellow, green, pink, purple, orange and red hexes in assorted sizes and silver holographic butterflies.

There are 11 bottles of Princess Grace available and they will go to the 11 highest bidders.

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