Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wave of Polish taped dot mani

I tried out something different and while it looks ok in the end it was one of those days I should have removed everything and tried later. Have you had one of those days? Sometimes no matter what you try, nothing seems to go right. I started with a lovely polka dot  pattern in pink, blue and silver, that part went well. I taped off sections, but then when I painted the tape moved on one nail and another let polish seep through. I had to remove the dots and blue section on the ring finger where the tap moved to start again. Then while I was repainting, Spencer the super puppy decided he needed a closer look at what I was doing so jumped up and knocked the brush and polish went all over my finger, some on Spencer and he left hairs in the wet polish. So I had to start again. I swiped carefully with a soft brush dipped in acetone to remove the seepage so it looks not so bad in the end but it was incredibly frustrating!!

The Wave of Polish Auctions have got off to a flying start and after the first day of bidding we have around $2000 in bids for SANDS Australia. It's so exciting and far beyond my expectations. If you haven't looked yet, you really should there are gorgeous polishes over at

Have a great Wednesday, Tx

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