Monday, October 28, 2013

piCture pOlish - Sea Jewel review

Today's piCture pOlish polish is Sea Jewel and this is my absolute favourite polish I've reviewed so far. An exquisite sea green glitter, Sea Jewel makes you look at your nails all day. Glitters like this one aren't as readily available as some of the other finishes and as I adore micro glitters this is a fantastic addition to my stash. I had problems capturing the beauty of the glitter and the above photo is the most accurate to the shiny sea green beauty that is Sea Jewel. I didn't use a base colour and am wearing 2 coats of Sea Jewel. It applied like a dream and smoothed over just beautifully with top coat. I'd love to see more of these glitters available as they add a spectacular wow factor to your nails. Me being me meant I had to add a little nail art. I didn't want to over power the beauty of Sea Jewel so added a black accent nail with white and Sea Jewel dots. I love the finished look and just know I will be getting a lot of wear from Sea Jewel over summer.

piCture pOlish have provided this polish to me for review, to grab some for yourself go to piCture pOlish On-line Store.

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  1. Oh it's so beautiful! I want ALL the piCture pOlishes!

  2. that is SO lovely! And your mani is perfection!! I'd be staring at that all day too.


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