Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wave of Polish - last pregnancy and infant loss mani

It's the last Tuesday of the month so it's the last wave of polish - Pregnancy and Infant Loss mani I will do for the year. I hope that the wave of polish will make a comeback next year to continue to raise awareness and to allow parents to share their story. I have shared very little here about my own experiences, it's nail blog, but losing our Princess Grace is also a large part of who I am, the person behind the nails. So I want to share you my precious baby girl's foot and hand prints and a poem I wrote for her. We miss her every single day, time builds scar tissue around the wound but the wound is at times knocked again and the enormity of what we lost washes over us.

Little Fingers

Those little fingers that prodded and poked
will never be mine to hold
never for me to be wrapped around
never to turn the pages as stories are told.

The little eyes I never saw opened
will never hold mine in a stare
will never sparkle with laughter
will never show what the soul bears.

The little lips that I gazed upon
never to be pursed for a kiss
will never know a smile
while mine talk of what I miss.

The teeny little feet
never to run away from me
will never feel sand, water or grass
or play five little piggys with glee.

The photos that I'm left with
share these joys of you with me
but they also show me just so much
of what can never nor will ever be.

Written by Grace's Mummy 2007

The polishes used are OPI - Mod About You and Cate Ruby Sky.

Remember to hugs your loved ones tight, Tx


  1. even though i know your story - it still touches me to tears every time i think of Grace


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