Thursday, April 18, 2013

Femme Fatale - Edge of the Cosmos

Today I have an amazing polish by Australian Indie Femme Fatale called Edge of the Cosmos. It is incredibly beautiful but very camera shy and doesn't like to show you its true colours. Here is what Femme Fatale Cosmetics say about this polish

Edge of the Cosmos is a blackened purple base with fine holographic particles, and a variety of holo shapes and sizes. Resembles  being out in space. To make this a little more interesting we vary batches slightly, replacing one or two glitters with another of same size and shape but different colour. We wanted to embody the ever-changing beauty of the universe with our mini version in a bottle ;) 

They have certainly done that and it really does look like a galaxy nail in a bottle. Here I have used just one coat over OPI Funkey Dunkey. I was amazed that I had to do very little fishing for larger pieces of the glitter and I'm glad as I didn't want to, I wanted to apply it organically and see what the polish chose to put where. This polish has incredible depth especially as it's one coat and I just love it.

This is deep deep purple and I wanted stars and glitter to remember the victims of the Boston marathon and especially the small boy. I'm sure he's playing with the stars and sliding on moonbeams now. Too innocent to face such evil, rest peacefully sweet prince.

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  1. I love how the large circular glitter looks like planets!


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