Friday, April 12, 2013

Femme Fatale Cosmetics - Mana Ruby

This is one gorgeous polish which unfortunately doesn't photograph well. Mana Ruby is a jelly right on the edge of red- bright pink. It has both large and small hex glitter with iridescent glitter throughout. You can see in the photo below taken in the shade how the blue iridescent glitter glows. I used Zoya Kristi underneath as I really don't like a visible nail line. I have applied 2-3 coats and there was a little fishing for the larger pieces of glitter, but that is what happens with large size glitter.

This was just gorgeous on my nails and I couldn't stop looking at it :)

As this is what I was wearing for the me and my nails tag on instagram, you get a photo of me below. Yes I actually am more than just nails :)

Yay Friday's here! Enjoy the weekend.


  1. Hello, I am Brazilian and I am following your work with the challenge of disney princesses. I'm loving your site and I visit every day. I also have a blog nail. I would also ask you to do the challenge super heroes, one of DC Comics and other Marvel. I breathe in your nails and here in Brazil is a success.


  2. Thank you :). I'm honoured that you visit. I will visit your blog and have a look at the challenges.

    1. thank same. If you want to add me on facebook to keep in touch while I mine.


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