Sunday, July 6, 2014

Femme Fatale - Twilight Sorcery

Hello :). Hope your weekend is going well and for those in the US that you had fabulous July 4th. On my nails today I have my first thermal purchase, I've ummed and aaahed after them for awhile so when I saw this beauty I knew I needed it. I have to say I've loved playing with it, thermals are fun and this polish changes colours very easily. You will see in the photos below the shift, the first one is warm and what it looks like the majority of time on my nails and the second one is cold. I love both colours, it's just so pretty :) Then me being me I decided to do a little art with it, I wasn't entirely sure it would work but it looks ok when teamed with black. I am in love with this polish but don't think I'll buy anymore, one's enough. In these deisgns I'm wearing three thin coats.

Enjoy what's left of your weekend and stay safe, Tx


  1. I love this polish so much. I may have to get it :/

  2. Gorgeous. I feel the same as you about thermal polishes. I've never seen them combined with artwork before though and, whoosh(!), yours is fantastic! Did you use stamping? Or is your design freehand? Thank you!

  3. This polishes had nice colours to offer! :-)


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