Monday, July 28, 2014

Two Birds Lacquer - Floral State-ment Collection review

Warning this post is picture heavy.

I'm excited to show you a new Indie Australian brand Two Birds Lacquer. The collection I'm sharing today is the Floral State-ment Collection, a celebration of Australia's unique and beautiful flowers. On the whole I was very impressed with the formula of these polishes and the ease with which the glitter was to place on the nail. As a new polish brand it's great to see such attention to detail and care given to make sure the customers will be happy and love their polishes.  I also love that this brand uses just enough glitter in a lot of their polish to be subtle but still amazing. This collection has 9 polishes with jelly glitters and creme glitters. Now onto the photos

This is Cooktown Orchid the flower for Queensland. With a white crelly base that has just a hint of pink the glitter colours are still visible and I love the tiny gold glitter that is through out the polish. I used 2 coats and one top coat. 

This gorgeous red leans towards pink and is Sturt's Desert Pea and is the flower for South Australia. This polish impressed me with it's pigmentation and was easily opaque in two coats, something I find rare in red polishes. The formula was a little thin and I found I needed to be careful to not flood my cuticles and at times the glitter slid off the brush before I got it onto the nail. I love the finished product, and found it worth that little extra work as it's simple but stunning..

This beauty is Sturt's Desert Rose which is the Northern Territoriality's flower.  With a blush pink crelly base and pink and white glitter it dries with a soft cloudy finish that is feminine and so pretty. I am wearing two coats and one coat of top cop.

Next up is Common Heath the flower for Victoria. The crelly base is a dusty rose pink and I love the pastel glitters in this one and the extra bonus of cute little star glitter. I am wearing 3 thin coats and one coat of top coat. 

Royal Bluebell is the flower for the ACT. This has a white crelly base but to make the colours really pop I used a base colour of white. I am wearing two thin coats and the purple and blue glitter really pop. This polish also has star glitter that I just love.

Can you guess this my favourite? Of course it's green but isn't it just the prettiest shade of green? It's what I'd call a pea green and I love it. This polish is Red and Green Kangaroo Paw and the flower of Western Australia. It has teeny pieces of red and white glitter. Red and Green Kangaroo Paw showcases one of the things I really like about this brand, that a polish doesn't have to be totally full of glitter to be stunning. I am wearing two coats with one coat of top coat.

My second favourite polish is this one the Tasmanian Blue Gum. Firstly as it's my state Tasmania's flower and secondly it's a gorgeous green glitter bomb. Tasmanian Blue Gum has an emerald jelly base with glitter in green, white and gold in various sizes. I love the squishy jelly look.  I am wearing two dabbed coats with one coat of top coat.

Another squishy jelly is Waratah the flower of New South Wales. I love the glass like finish on this one and the scarlet red jelly base has glitters in red and gold. This formula was a little thin but with careful application the final look was worth it. I am wearing 3 thin dabbed coats with one coat of top coat.

Lastly we have Golden Wattle the floral emblem of Australia. This is a great versatile polish as it can be worn over other colours, as a gradient or on it's own. I did 3 coats to reach opaqueness and one coat of top coat.


  1. OMG this collection is amazing! They all look good. Great photos :-)

  2. Those last 4 polishes are now on my "must acquire" list :D

  3. I had a sneaking suspicion you might be a fan of the two greens! I adore Tasmanian Blue Gum, and the green of Kangaroo Paw is unique in my collection - which as another green lover is an achievement in itself!


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