Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lemon and multi colour Zig Zags

Good morning :) I'm really not a lemon/yellow person, but this polish from Lime Crime has won my heart. Crima Da Limon is the perfect pastel yellow, not too soft but not too bold. I wanted to try the technique I used on multi coloured stripes on the zig zag pattern. It worked just as well and I love the freedom it will give in future designs. Zig Zags are nice with just the two colours but with extra colours they create a whole other look. The glitter on my ring finger is a England Merlin and I used Zoya Dove for the grey.

To create this look you can follow this tutorial and replace the straights vinyl decals for zig zag ones :)

Stay safe, Tx.


  1. Nice zig-zags I really like the colour - the yellow and black work well together :-)

  2. Gorgeous, I love yellow and grey together! :)


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