Saturday, September 20, 2014

What I've been up to..

Sorry guys I've been so busy swatching this last week that I've neglected you all. The bonus of this is that you will get to see a few new collections in the next week :). I've also been busy creating.

You will have noticed in a few posts recently I've had polishes I've made myself. I am absolutely loving it and find it gives me the same creative buzz as nail art does. There's also a huge advantage in being a swatcher as I know by the first stroke of a polish whether it's going to be too sheer, too much glitter or just plain wrong. This whole endeavour started mainly with working on a collection with my 20 yr old son. He wants to see a certain book/film made so we're doing it together lol, It's actually quite fun and his girlfriend thinks it's hilarious especially when he says nope not quite the right colour. Personally sometimes I want to throttle him but he is usually right - shhh don't tell him I said that. 

I never set out to start a business but as I've found a deep passion in creating and as many of you are asking where to get the polishes from I'm considering it. I have tested my glitters just because I'm a follow the rules kind of girl and even though they were for me and family and friends I wanted to know if there was a bleed etc which glitter would have been to blame. So it's been over a couple of months I've been testing and researching. Opening a polish line is something I've ummed and aahed over and thought I'd made my mind up in different ways on a few occasions. I'm well aware that the indie market is saturated and I don't expect more than to share my love of what I'm creating and doing something I just love and some money towards being able to keep creating.

So one day soon Grace-full Nail Polish will be open. I'm a perfectionist so want everything tested, checked and double checked before I offer it for sale, so maybe more like a month than one day soon :) I will keep you up to date with everything here.

Now to tide you over until I can start blogging as usual here are a couple of designs I've done on the fly this week.

Gorgeous Rimmel polishes, these 60 second polishes are worth buying as many are one coaters.

and my first YSL, what an amazing colour. Embarrassingly I can't find out what the name is, I think I must be overlooking something on the bottle :(


I love reading people's thoughts so please leave a comment. If you have a blog or facebook page etc please leave the link I love looking at everyone's gorgeous nail work.


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