Sunday, September 14, 2014

Turqoise and Purple skittle

Today I am again wearing polishes I made. I knew from the start of making polishes that I wanted to create a polish for Wave of Polish so came up with a brand name and logo.  I am absolutely loving polish making and find it gives me the same creative buzz as nail art does.

Onto today's look, there is nothing better than being able to add a matching glitter to a skittle, I just love wearing skittles that way. I love the colours of both of these cremes and wanted to wear them together. The flowers are easily made with a dotting tool. This is a look that's easy, anyone can try it and end up with a pretty end result.

Have a fabulous weekend, Tx


  1. Oh I love this! The colours compliment each other so beautifully. Did you also make the glitter polish? It's stunning.
    Theresa, your polishes are so lovely, I really do hope you'll consider releasing some- maybe even just for auctions and money raisers for services you want to support, that way you don't have the pressure of marketing a brand or keeping on top of orders, it can be done in a time-frame that suits you rather than the other way around. But I really do think you make a wonderful polish and would love to try more one day :)
    Em xox

  2. This is stunning! Such a beautiful idea behind the Polish.

  3. Nice combination! I really like the glitter. :-)


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