Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Arcane Lacquer - Infinity Skittlette

I picked up some gorgeous polishes from Arcane Lacquer's post Christmas sale. Today I have Infinity to show you, it's a fabulous cobalt blue micro glitter. In a matching jelly base it was simple to apply and I am wearing three thin coats on my index and itty bitty pinkie nails. I love this polish, you already know I'm a huge micro glitter fan, so that added with the depth of colour and how Infinity sparkles like crazy has made me a huge fan of this polish. I know a full swatch would have been great but I like to mix it up too much and had to add something different. My middle finger is my absolute favourite silver glitter combo, I use one coat of Zoya Trixie and two thin coats of a England Merlin. Merlin is just an amazing glitter that sparkles intensely and always has me looking at my fingers. My ring finger is Zoya Tallulah, a gorgeous cobalt blue. I know my nails aren't nubs to many of you and I'm not complaining too much but please pinkie grow some more and catch up to the others :). I need a little more length in them all to pose them how I like too, but am hoping to stay a little shorter than normal this time around. In an ideal world I'd love to give almond shape a try but think they would break too often on me :(.

Hope you're having a great week, Tx.

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