Monday, January 20, 2014

AN Monday - Australia theme - Indigenous paintings

I wanted to pay homage to the first Australians so I attempt a design based on Indigenous paintings. Not all my dots came out perfectly but I still like it :). I used Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme as a base and did dots in Zoya Snow White, Zoya Raven, OPI Skyfall and Elf Innocence. Today is the start of my Australia week as we head into Australia day. I believe in the need for a change to the date of Australia day as to me it's not an accurate representation of a date that encompasses Australia and it's rich diversity. It's not a popular opinion but it's mine none the less and I respect everyone's right to an opinion. I'm no less patriotic than the next person, but I don't like our recent history of increasing racism in the lead up to Australia day and the very fact that even the UN has recognised our racism. So you won't see a Southern cross or similar mani from me this week but I am looking forward to sharing Aussie Indies and the many other great things that make Australia the wonderful place it is. Enough politics on a nail blog, I love that polish is fun and uplifting so I can't wait to share our gorgeous polishes with you all this week. The majority of which are available internationally and I will include details on where you can find the newest polishes with reasonable shipping rates.

Ugh it's Monday already, where did that weekend go? Tx

Lily Jinks - @lilyandjinks
Tracy - @oliviajade19
Holly - @nails_by_holly
Naomi - @nadeekay and Nananaisnails
Erin Wu -  @erinzi and Erin Zi’s Nails
Elissa -@tenlittlenubs and Ten Little Nubs
Astrid - @lovessweetas
Sarah Claire - @shattermeclaire or Shatter me Claire
Sylvie - @smudgedpolish
Relle - @lazylacquerista or Lazy Lacquerista
Tammy - @ohmygoshpolish
Christinemay - @xtinemayyy or Nails at 2am
Tash Birch - @tashisdead
Nicki - @celestialcosmetics
Briana -
Kelly - @kellyskolors and Kelly's Kolors!

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