Friday, November 7, 2014

Grace-full Nail Polish - 6 new addditions to the Nail That Accent! collection

I'm excited to release 6 new colours in the Nail That Accent! collection. I am adoring this collection as even for myself it is so handy to have an array of colours to choose from to use as an accent nail. They all also are super sparkly and look gorgeous as a mani by themselves. They are made to go over a base colour as I want that pop of glitter without the chunkiness that some glitters have to build to opaque. The new colours are all gorgeous and I hope to keep adding to this collection for all of us Nail Art lovers. Again my names aren't super original but with this range it is what it is so why find a fancy name :) These have just been released this morning so you can get them at

Blue - very pretty mid blue holo glitter My base colour is an sky blue creme coming to Grace-full Nail Polish in December.

Emerald Green has more microglitter than some of the others and applies easily. My base colour is a green creme coming to Grace-full Nail Polish in December.

This is Orange and is really unique at least to my collection. I wore the above look for Halloween and it was great to have the choice to use orange as an accent. My base colour is an orange creme coming to Grace-full Nail Polish in December.

Crimson - this is up there with my favourites as it's a glorious fire truck red. Absolutely perfect for Christmas designs or a stunner on it's own. My base colour is Butter London Pillar box Red.

Silver - no collection would be complete without silver and gold but to add a little difference I used some square holo glitter in these polishes. My base colour is Zoya Trixie

Gold - above I'm wearing it with a polish from The Fellowship collection Lady of the Woods. I love how it makes the gold in Lady of the Woods stand out. My base colour is Zoya Ziv.


  1. What a great collection! I'm loving Silver a lot <3

  2. These are just gorgeous ... I particularly like silver and blue. It would be lovely if you might consider shipping to the UK eventually. Might that be a possibility one day? Pretty please :)


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