Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sea Siren Cosmetics - 6 New Shades from Blackbeard's Booty

I'm excited to show you 6 new cremes from Sea Siren Cosmetics. Cremes are my absolute favourite finish in a nail polish, I love the glossy finish on it's own but then they offer so many other possibilities. You can use a matte top coat and have a matte look, you can use a holographic top coat and easily have a holo look polish and you can also use them again and again in many forms of nail art. I buy cremes the most as to me they are the best value for money. Now onto these new gorgeous shades from Blackbeard's Booty.

Sea Siren is cruelty free and vegan friendly and have a 5 free formula. You can can find out all the news on Sea Siren Cosmetics on their Facebook page and browse the polishes and purchase them through the Sea Siren website. Don't forget to enter our Se Siren giveaway by clicking on the giveaway tab above.

The first is Pirate's Blood - it is a rich ox blood red that is heavily pigmented. This makes the polish almost a one coater, I am wearing two to ensure full coverage but you could get away with one. The formula was excellent with quick dry time and it had a gorgeous glossy finish. I did add one coat of top coat for protection. I also loved that this red caused no staining on the cuticles or nail. It is a fabulous quality polish that applied easily and looks beautiful.

This second beauty is Buccaneer. The colour is glorious in a richly pigmented magenta. Again the polish could be a one coater with careful application but I have used two thin coats. Application was simple and the polish evened out on it's own perfectly. Again there was no issue with staining and dry time was quick. It really is everything that you could want in a creme polish.

The third new release is Coral Atoll. This is a neon polish that is brighter than I could get the photos to show, the colour is right, it is a gorgeous coral colour leaning more towards pink but it is brighter than photos show. It dries with a matte finish as neons do and dry time was great. As with most neons the first coat was a little streaky and I am wearing three coats to build full opacity of the polish. I have added one coat of top coat to produce the glossy look. It's a really bright fun polish.

Release number four is a colour that needs to be a staple in all polish collections. Sea Fog is a soft light grey that is soft and feminine and still grey :). Grey isn't a colour you'd associate with being soft or feminine but Sea Siren have found the perfect light shade that is both. Application was again a pleasure, the first coat was opaque which I just love! I am wearing two thin coats to ensure full coverage. 

New release number five is my favourite, can you guess why? Yes it's green :) When I first saw Sea Moss I thought it was going to be another army green but when I applied it this beautiful pea green showed on my nails. I absolutely love it, it's not the usual shade of green you see in a creme polish. The formula was richly pigmented and again opaque in the first coat. Application was a breeze and dry time was quick. I am wearing two thin coats and one coat of top coat.

Lastly is this magnificent blue named Ultramarine. From the bottles I thought this would be my favourite and it is a beautiful shade of blue but was just pipped at the post by the green. Again the formula is of fantastic quality, richly pigmented and so easy to apply. It is richly pigmented and basically opaque in the first coat. I am wearing two thin coats and one coat of top coat.

All of these cremes are of the highest quality and you won't be disappointed in adding them to your stash.

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.

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  1. These are beautiful. I can't wait until Sea Siren is able to come to the US.


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