Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Celestial Cosmetics new Glitters - Celestial Sphere, Comet Lulin, Bright Blue Sky, Brown Dwarf and Black Hole

Five new glitters are being released by Celestial Cosmetics in celebration of their first birthday. 
Visit Celestial Cosmetic's facebook page to keep up with the birthday surprises and browse and purchase at the Celestial Cosmetics website. Today's surprise is free postage on orders over $30.

This first beauty is Celestial Sphere a gorgeous small glitter jelly. It has a purple base and is packed with small glitter in lavender, pink and purple. It is simply stunning. Application was easy and I used two dabbed coats and one coat of top coat. I love smaller glitter polishes as they sit on the nail so easily and this one is no exception.

Bright Blue Sky is just so sparkly but my camera wouldn't pick it up. In a fabulous aqua blue this polish is a heavily pigmented colour, fresh and bright and the sparkles are out of this world. It's one of those polishes that make you stop what you're doing and look at your nails. It had a great formula and I used two dabbed coats and top coat.

Brown Dwarf is the perfect Autumn polish. In a jelly base packed full of medium brown and dark brown glitters this polish is just gorgeous on. It sparkles beautifully and I just adore the colour combination. I wore a base coat of Nubar Milk Chocolate Creme and two dabbed coats of Brown Dwarf. 

Ahhh sigh - this is green so I simply adore it. Named Comet Lulin it is the perfect mix of jade green and lime green which gives it a great depth of colour. In a jelly base with a mix of micro glitter and small hex glitter it is simply stunning. Application was again easy and I used two dabbed coats.

Black Hole, the perfect small glitter polish. I was super excited that this was being released as there aren't many black small glitters around. Sometimes when creating  look I've wanted a black glitter accent nail but haven't found a polish before now that would fit. I applied two dabbed coats over a black base and finished with 2 coats of top coat. I love that it has subtle silver throughout without detracting from the black glitter. This polish is a winner in my eyes.

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