Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter Sunday with Zoya Belinda

I couldn't resist one more Easter look :). The gorgeous purple is Zoya Belinda, a beautiful metallic purple shimmer. It's a very blue purple and can look more blue in some lights. Formula was great, but it flooded my cuticles easily so it needs careful application.

Have a fabulous day, Tx.


  1. Hello Theresa !

    It's so funny, so original, so glamorous and so sexy too. Do you know what it reminds me ? Gorgeous Playboy's bunnies.
    I was fed up with all these eggs, sick of them without having still eaten any chocolate. I cannot bear any more bunnies which put me off.
    And here you are with your fantastic Easter's bunny the idea of which nobody had (I saw it hundreds). And it matches so well with Zoya Belinda !
    "I couldn't resist one more Easter look :)" : fortunately for us. There are nail art which are so original as they mark you for ever and as we always remember it.
    Bravo, bravo, bravo.


  2. This is so creative and cute!


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