Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zoya Blu, Neely Jacqueline geometric

I am in love with this Zoya Lovely Collection, the colours are so soft and dreamy. For this mani I used all the creams and they were a dream to work with. If you've never bought Zoya this could be a great start up collection for you to try. 

So the three creams
Jacqueline is a gorgeous yellowy cream or deep ivory. It is more in the ivory family and as someone that does not like yellow on me I adore this shade. It does seem similar to Lime Crime Milky way so I will do a comparison soon.

Neely is a beautiful soft pastel green leaning towards a greyer green than the obvious mint pastels. This is unique in my stash, I have many blue/green soft pastels but not in this tone.

Blu I've already talked about but it is gorgeous and a dream to work with.

This mani is easy to do, you paint your base colour and top coat it, give it a good amount of time to dry. Then you just tape off sections, I just use scotch tape. You need to first put the tape on your skin to lose some of the stickiness and then apply. If you don't leave your base colour long enough to dry you will run into problems where the tape pulls it off. I love geometric patterns and I didn't start out with any great plans just applied tape where I wanted to.

Enjoy and look out for a small giveaway!

Have a happy Wednesday :)

Zoya Jacqueline


  1. My name is Jacqueline! Just went on eBay and purchased this.

    Where do you get your Zoya's from?

  2. From ebay, there are some good US sellers with reasonable shipping prices.

  3. I think I will look for it on ebay too, cant wait to try it!


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