Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Essie Butler,Please! & Nails Inc Sprinkles gradient

How gorgeous is this colour? Essie Butler, Please is simply beautiful, vibrant and really pops when on your nails. I have tried it once before and the terrible formula turned me off. I added Seche Restore and the formula improved dramatically, to me it;s still not as good as the majority of Essie polishes but it is 100% better than what it was. 

I had a nail block on what to add to it, maybe because it is just gorgeous on it's own. I rifled through my polish drawers and spotted Nails Inc Pudding Lane and I'm so pleased I did. I decided to do a gradient and I love how it turned out! Another photo heavy post but I just love this look!


  1. Pretty! I would never have thought to use the Sprinkles polishes as a gradient, it's a neat idea and works really well. :)

  2. I must say, this is genius! I would have never expected this to work but I am really loving it! I might try this with Sweets way :)

    1. I also saw that youre willing to look at blogs! Here is the link to mine http://missnailpolish1.blogspot.com/

      i'm just starting out so I have a lot to learn. Hope you l like it!

      xo Elle


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