Thursday, January 31, 2013

Butter London Scouse

This beautiful blue is Butter London's Scouse. This has been one of my lemmings for a little while but it popped up on an Australian shopping site and I couldn't believe my luck. It was originally only sold as a Dillard's exclusive and I didn't hold high hopes of ever finding one. Now it's in my hands it hasn't disappointed at all. It is a unique glass fleck royal blue with shimmers of purple.

In application it was a little on the sheer side but 3 coats gave a great opaque finish. Apart from that application was a breeze with quick drying time between coats. This is one of those polishes that change every time you look at it, showing off the flecks of purple or sometimes looking just a majestic blue. I just love it!

This close up shows the flecks of purple.

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