Friday, April 24, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - The Fireside Collection

Tonight I am releasing The Fireside collection. There are 8 polishes in total 6 have an ultra fine holographic glitter that removes easily for a glitter and  adds a refined but fabulous sparkle, they are all also gorgeous squishy jellies. Two have flakies and give a shimmer effect. The colour palette is full of the rich gorgeous colours of Autumn. Swatches shown are by me, @strawbrie and @babsnails. One of my favourite things about this collection is that just about all of the polishes are opaque in two coats but if you add the third you get a darker rich colour. You can see in the swatches that Strawbrie is in the sun and has used 2 coats where I and Bab's Nails are under artificial lights with an extra coat at times.

This collection will be released tonight at 7pm at Grace-full Nail Polish store.

ok let's start on the polishes!!

Aubergine Embers – This has my heart, it’s a shimmer in a deep aubergine with brown/pink and violet flakies. 

Sienna Flame – a burnt orange jelly with copper, red, gold and light red ultra fine holographic glitters

Plum Cinders – a deep plum jelly with ultra fine fuchsia and gold holographic glitter

Dark Cherry Inferno – a mid-deep red with tiny holographic glitter that almost has a scattered holo effect 

Around the Hearth – a brown jelly with copper and light red ultra fine holographic glitters- 3 coats preferred

Crimson Fire – a bright red polish with metallic looking red flakies

Autumn Sparks it has a black jelly base that looks brown in some lights with red, orange, copper and gold holo ultra fine glitter 

Fireside Wine – an ox blood red with copper and red ultra fine holographic glitter 

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  1. They are all pretty. What a stunning collection :-D


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