Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peacock Collection and Dreamy Beach Cremes Water Marbling

I think I may be a little addicted to water marbling now :) I used from the Peacock collection - Shed a Tear on my index nail, all cremes in the marble on my middle nail, Amazin' on my ring nail and Eye Poppin' on my pinkie

another play with water marbling and was finally getting the hang of it by the last two nails, my ring and pinkie. Thanks to @ma_tom for the tips. I've used Emma, Jacinta, Brooke and Maddison. My lighting is a bit off and I need some new bulbs so forgive the wonky colours.


I love reading people's thoughts so please leave a comment. If you have a blog or facebook page etc please leave the link I love looking at everyone's gorgeous nail work.


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