Friday, May 30, 2014

NOTD - Zoya Toni skittlette

Hello everyone, it's been a really cold night here, I hope you all stay warm wherever you are. I love winter but I also love to hate winter, and where I live is one of the coldest areas in Australia. One bonus to the colder weather is to be able to drag out the deeper darker colours. For today I have Zoya Toni in a gorgeous rich deep red on my index and pinkie, my middle finger is a England Merlin and I stamped with China Glaze Awaken and a Messy Mansion plate MM06. Now some nail people don't like the word skittlette, I'm not really fussed one way or another but it is handy to have a name for a look. A skittlette comes from the word skittle that we talked about early but instead of every nail being different usually at least two are the same. I know, right, you learn something new everyday :)

Hope you have a great day, Tx.


  1. Hi, this is beautiful...really caught my eye. I live in California, USA, and, unfortunately, we're starting our long, hot summer, so I envy you. Plus, I'd really like to have an Aussie accent. Oh, and the polishes you used are, it seems I have a lot to envy about you. :) I have a question. Of course. You wrote you stamped with CG's Awaken. I looked up that polish and saw it was a silver metallic (sort of), but your stamp seems to transition to a smokey blue. Did you use an additional polish color on the stamp? Did the lighting while you took pictures change the look of the polish? Does the polish itself have some duochrome aspect to it? I appreciate any time you take to clarify this for me. Thank you, Delphi

    1. Hi Delphi,
      Awaken is definitely a gunmetal grey colour, but it does lean towards being a blue grey. It's the first time I've used the polish but it doesn't look like it's a duochrome, I purchased it as this collection has amazing polishes to stamp with so I'm not sure I'll ever wear it as a base colour. Reading online reviews some say it's a charcoal grey, some a black grey and others a blue grey so I'm not sure if they had some changes in batches. To me the stamp still looks like a gunmetal grey but everyone's monitor is different :).Hope that helps

    2. Thank you! I appreciate your well-researched response. :) Delphi

  2. Wow this is pretty and I do like the Zoya :-)


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