Saturday, May 17, 2014

MckFresh Nail Attire Goosebumps collection

Hi everyone! Today I have a sneak peek into MckFresh Nail Attire's new Goosebumps collection to share with you. Inspired by the Goosebumps of R L Stine this collection is full of blackened colours with stunning pops of shimmer and iridescent glitter. Every polish has a fabulous formula and was very easy to apply. The colours are just perfect for this time of year. This collection will be released on Thursday 22nd May at 8pm AEST. You can purchase these then from the MckFresh store and you can also keep up to date with all the news by visiting their Facebook page.

First is Horrorland, a blackened navy full of turquoise flakies and gold/pink microflecks. The turquoise really amps up the blue and the shine of both the turquoise and gold/pink flashes work so well together. I am wearing two coats. This polish was based on One Day at Horrorland - a theme park that Kate from MckFresh would love to visit.

Macro you can see the turquoise and pink/gold more clearly here.

The second polish is Dead House. In a blackened purple Dead House is full of deep navy and pink flecks, with shimmer running through it. The flecks add a gorgeous splash of colour that runs through all these polishes. You can see it more clearly in the macro below. I am wearing two coats.

Third in the line up today is a duochrome Be Care What You Wish For.. I wore this on Mother's Day and spent the day flexing my fingers to watch the colour shift, I know I'm a nail addict :). The colour shifts from plum/maroon to a blue/purple. Above the photo shows the shift in the shade, below is shade again with more of the blue/purple showing and the next photo is full sun with the shift from purple to rose showing. I am wearing 3 thin coats and the colour shift worked well.

Aptly named Vampire's Breath this is the fourth polish I have to share today. Vampire's Breath is a topper full of iridescent and holo glitters. I am wearing one coat and as you can see in the macro this topper picks up all the colours of the rainbow. I put it over Be Careful What You Wish For and the macro also shows the shift in the duochrome from the blurple to plum from the part of my index nail you can see to my middle and ring fingers.

Our fifth sneak peek is Haunted Mask. This is a really deep purple/black with gold and shifting iridescent glitter throughout. The Iridescent glitter reflects all different colours and with the addition of the gold glitter it's a regal feeling polish. I am wearing two coats.

Last but definitely not least is my favourite from this collection Camp Nightmare. In a blackened green this polish has gold and olive flecks, orange and green iridescent glitters with touches of purple and red. I love the colours and they look so right together. I am wearing two coats. 

These polishes were sent to me for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Please note computer monitors may vary in colour display.


  1. I really like Camp Nightmare. I really need to get some MckFresh polish to add to my aussie indie collection.
    Gorgeous swatches as usual <3

  2. These look like really nice polishes :-)


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