Monday, March 11, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Stripes

Good morning, yay it's a public holiday here today! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It's Monday again and boy they seem to be rolling around quickly this year!

Please excuse the lack of photos, I don't feel great and I can't find my lightbox :(. It's kind of a good thing as it means hubby helped me clean up yesterday before we had guests! However as he's still snoozing I have no idea where he put it lol.

I think the one photo that did come out ok fills the brief for a stripe mani :)

Colours used

Index - butter London Molly coddled and Essie Playdate
Middle - butter London Fruit Machine and Essie Off the Shoulder
Ring - butter London Fiver and Essie Turquoise and Caicos
Pinkie - Essie Borrowed and Blue and Essie Azure
Thumb - butter London Kerfuffle and butter London Trout Pout

Please check out the fabulous designs the other Aussie's have come up with :)


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