Monday, March 18, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday Challenge - Ombre

 The term ombre always seems a little confusing and I know that what is an official gradient (where colours are sponged and overlap into each other) in the nail world I always think of as ombre. An ombre in the nail world is having all 5 nails in the same colour family going from darkest to lightest.

Of course for mine I chose green :) I'm not overly happy with the last two, my ring finger photographed lighter than it looks in real life. I also apologise for my overly oily fingers :)

While I'm on apologies I do have to admit that the last couple of weeks posts have had some pretty awful writing in them. In one post in particular I lost count of the number of times I used gorgeous. In my defense I was having a rotten week with very little sleep due to our dog having seizures. I kept painting my nails as it was something to do in the middle of the night while waiting for the dog to recover enough from his seizure that I could go to bed without worrying. I was going to edit them but I do believe that whether it be a personal blog or a nail blog, what you've blogged is a reflection of what is happening in your life. So I didn't want to change what was written, as it is just me as I was at the time :)

Ok enough chatter and onto the photos!!

Colour used

Thumb - OPI Jade is the New Black
Index - China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover
Middle finger - Essie Turquoise and Cacaos
Ring finger - OPI Green Gargantuan Grape 
Pinkie - butter London Fiver

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  1. Pretty! love the colours. I use ombre to refer to sponged gradient nails too :) x


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