Saturday, November 17, 2012

Essie mint candy apple and where's my chauffeur

I just love both of these polishes. I was a little dubious with my stamped look, I liked it but fell out of love with it quickly. It doesn't help to be a perfectionist and only learning to stamp. That some nails weren't the same pattern exactly they drove me a little nuts. So I gently removed the stamp and added Mint Candy Apple and China Glaze I'm not Lion as a stripe. Still not perfect but I do love these two colours together. 

Of course my washing machine decided to play up and leave soap scum on everything. This mani then only lasted a day and a bit as I have scrubbed the washing machine until it gleams. I know gloves gloves gloves but I'm just not a gloves fan. I've gotten rid of most of the scum but if anyone has ideas I'm happy to hear them. So far I've done the vinegar and bi-carb numerous times as well as hot water cycles. Fingers crosed I bet it today - I have washing I need to do!!

Happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend


  1. Nice nails! I just got Mint candy apple! Duper Excited! U can find me on twittef

    1. Sorry about typos! Super Excited! Lol!


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