Saturday, November 10, 2012


I'm really excited to be posting this polish. I received it for my birthday and found it very difficult to apply. One the first coat if you lifted your brush on the next stroke the polish would all move to the tips. The wonderful ladies at Picture Polish gladly assisted me and now after trial and error it's applied really well. The secret was to add some Seche Vite restorer or any thinner would work and voila I have an easy to use amazing colour polish. This colour really is like nothing else I have or have ever seen. It has amazing white flakies that intensify the denim look and mid blue glitter that shimmers in the sun. This is a really unique polish and the customer service was fabulous! Best of all it is Australian made.

Love it! Unfortunately my index nail broke yesterday, I have trimmed it back in the hopes it will be the right length by Christmas.


  1. pity the application was difficult, it looks great!

  2. Lovely denim polish! Shame it was hard to apply :(

    Jazz x

  3. Thanks ladies, it is a truly beautiful and unique polish. I'm just pleased I got it to work :)


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