Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ella Ann Cosmetics Grace-full Nail Polish Bright holos

Today I have a chance to show you the bright holo collection. They're available through Ella Ann Cosmetics and they ship worldwide. As I like to keep to seasonal collections this will be available in the Grace-full Nail Polish site later in the year.

Orange Tang – a citrus summer orange linear holo with red/gold flakies that give it a gold sheen and pop in the shade.

Blueberry Bubbles – a linear bright mid blue with hot pink, navy and electric blue flakies. The flakies give it a fabulous pop and make the polish still look gorgeous in the shade as well as the sun.

Purple Ripple – a purple linear holo with hot pink and violet flakies that add a fun pop of colour that make the polish just as pretty in the shade as in the sun.

Dark Violet Fizz - dark violet linear holo with violet flakies that stop it being so dull in the shade by giving a pop of violet throughout the polish.

Berry Buzz - A red/pink berry coloured linear holo with flakies for pop in the shade.

Lime Splash – a lime linear holo with green-gold flakies which gives a subtle golden shimmer.

Magenta Sparks - a magenta linear holo with blue flakies which leave a subtle blue sheen


  1. Amazing holo collection, stunning :-D

  2. Fantastic collection <3
    I love how you have added a little something to the polish so it stays fabulous in the shade.

  3. Well, as someone who doesn't dig holo I sure am loving Dark Violet Fizz and Lime Splash! Such lovely vibrant colour in both of those :D


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