Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grace-full Nail Polish - Dreamy Beach Pastel Collection

I’ve always been so excited to get to bring this vision to life. I love pastels and I love sea tones so it’s been a pleasure to make. As always I have images that inspire me as well as memories and my own feelings of a day at the beach. This collection will be released Friday night the 6th at 7pm at
 Dreamy beach is still a part of the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun series and still named after girls/women in my life.

The 8 colours are
Samara – a turquoise blue, a perfect sea tone to me with a nice crème formula
Margaret – a seafoam colour that is so yummy. It’s very close to Anne the next colour but as mint greens are my favourite colour in the whole world I can tell you there’s a difference. Margaret is a blue toned mint green/seafoam and Anne is a more yellow mint green.
Anne – as above a slightly yellow toned mint green
Jacinta – the perfect Periwinkle to me, it can’t decide if it’s blue or lilac exactly how a periwinkle should be 
Maddison – from googling it’s officially a lavender colour, it’s confusing with lilac and mauve but I’d agree with google and say it’s a lavender purple.
Emma – a cotton candy pink
Brooke – the dreamiest cream to yellow colour that I just love!!
Liz – last but not least is a peach colour 
They will be available separately at $8.00 or as a collection at $57.60

Above is Margaret and below is Emma and Anne


  1. I love this collection! Those colors sing to me - way to go!

  2. Nice collection - I'm liking them :-)

  3. Oh these are just gorgeous! I'm liking your new nail shape btw, and the pink and mint pastels are so pretty


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