Thursday, January 8, 2015

Indie Extravaganza Volume 3

Today I have the very last Indie Extravaganza to share with you. Jacinta from Powder Perfect has been the brains behind the Extravaganza, organising for 15 Australian Indies to share their signature polish in three volumes. It's been a treat to swatch them all!

I was very surprised when I pulled the Lilypad Lacquer's Shining Bright out of the box. I just assumed it would be a holo but instead there is this unique orange flakie. Unfortunately I didn't catch it on my camera but it has a pinkish sheen to it as well as flakies and a golden pink shimmer. I am wearing three thin coats and still have a little visible nail line, it's only a problem if you're like me and don't like it. Next time I will pop an orange polish under. Now my camera loves/hates red/orange colours and really amps up the saturation. This polish is most like the last photo below.

Sayuri have created a polish that is all kinds of wonderful. Show Pony is a magenta crelly with matte pink and micro pink and purple glitter. The formula is wonderful and I am wearing three thin coats, this would be my favourite in the box if it wasn't pink :).

Celestial Cosmetics made Cosmic Dust a pretty deep blue almost denim in colour. Again my camera got carried away in the sun, the colour is most like the bottom photo. I am wearing no base coat or top coat and the formula applied easily in three thin coats.

I was super excited to see a teal polish in the box and Glass Crush from Arcane Lacquer does not disappoint. It's a teal crelly with tiny violet and blue square glitter, silver hexes and micro glitter in red, violet, turquoise and black. The application was simple and the formula wonderful to work with. I am wearing two thin coats.

Lastly is Jacinta's own addition to this collection Ringmaster. It's a beautiful microglitter with a blurple base, one minute I think it's blue the next purple so it's a perfect blurple. All the microglitters are bright colours and there are some super holographic ones in there to add a wonderful sparkle. It applies perfectly in two coats.

This feels like the perfect polish to finish on, if you haven't bought these volumes yet don't hesitate as once they're gone they're gone. Find them at Powder Perfect.

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  1. Oh wow some lovely ones here. Cosmic Dust is just jumping out at me :-D


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