Monday, January 5, 2015

Celestial Cosmetics New Releases for January 2015

Nicki has done it again and brought out some gorgeous new pretties for all. First up is Cherika, a beautiful rich navy creme. I found the first coat a little patchy as most indie cremes are and I also need to mention it was a very warm evening when I was applying it. However the second coat went on perfectly and completely covered all the patchy spots. It has a fabulous richness of colour all in just two coats! I dressed it up a little below using Celestial's Pictor and Monocerus.

Ta da it's green :) You know I love a green and while I own a lot of green holos this one, Ocean of Storms is unlike any other I have in my collection. It's not heading towards mint as many mid green holos do but is very green, a more natural green I guess I would say. The holo power is fabulous with this one but as per usual my camera doesn't love to show holo rainbows. I am wearing two thin coats with no base coat or top coat.

The last polish I have to share with you is Solar Flare and it's a beauty. It's s taupey grey toned lilac that is gorgeous from the first stroke. I love pastels and I adore holos when they go into the taupey dusky tones so I fell in love with this polish immediately. It's soft and feminine and very now. Again you can see hints but you will have to take my word for it that the holo power is strong. (stupid camera). 

There are more new releases coming out today that you will see around the web and you can pick them up at Celestial Cosmetics. Nicki opens today after a short holiday break. Her polishes will be limited to per batch this year so if you see one and like it grab it as you may not have the opportunity later on.


  1. I love Solar Flare ... I'm with you on the taupey/lilacy holos, very pretty and feminine. :)

  2. Oceans of Storms looks amazing :-D


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