Thursday, February 4, 2016

Grace-full Wintertide Collection

I'm a little late in introducing this one. However I am opening an international warehouse in the US and this collection will be available through there. Some colours are also available at Rainbow Connection UK and on our new Australian site for Australians

A collection designed to warm your fingers for those facing winter in the Northern Hemisphere. There are six holos and one super holographic microglitter. All swatches by @erinzi,  xoxoJenn and @bettinasnails

Olive Evergreen - Olive with gold shift linear holo

Steel Blue Blizzard - A grey toned blue linear holo with teeny holographic glitter

Mulberry Velvet - Purple linear holo with brown undertones swatches also from xoxoJenn

Taupe Fog - lilac taupe linear holo with teeny holographic glitter

Winter Berry Pink - Pink with blue and purple undertones and shimmer 

Regal Boysenberry – a purple jelly with purple and gold super holographic glitter, a purple version of Mt Doom

Marsala Leaves  - Brown red linear holo with red metallic flakes. It is a couple of shades lighter than poison apple with brown undertones.

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  1. This is a beautiful collection. I am so excited that you are going to be offering your polishes in a location in the U.S. I have seen swatches of your polishes and admired them for a couple of years now - and now have a Stateside place to order them from. My best wishes for your new venture!


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