Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Stars and Candy Cane Stripes Nails

I've been waiting to make this polish, I just knew I really wanted one with stars in traditional Christmas colours and now the latest collection is out I had time to make one and I just love it. I love squishy jelly polishes and the mini red, gold and green stars are just right. I do feel bad showing you one off polishes I've made but you can always make a custom order if there is something you must have. I teamed it with a red microglitter and some gold candy cane stripes. I know I'll be using this polish a lot this month :)

Have a wonderful day, Tx


  1. Great nail art and I LOVE that glitter :-D <3

  2. Love love love the stars in that polish!

  3. This polish is amazing, Theresa. Any chance of a custom order for the Christmas glitter one in the not too distant future? I've been looking for one just like that since before last Christmas, and this is the first one that fit the picture I had in my head for one.


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