Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angel Kiss - Halo hues

I love holo nail polishes so I was super excited when Color Club introduced their range of Halo Hues. Unfortunately it's hard to find Color Club in Australia and before I knew it this range was going for more $$ than I wanted to spend on ebay. Luckily a fabulous lady from one of the nail groups I am in offered to send me some. I have been waiting patiently (and not so patiently) to try them out but December was crazy and with holiday challenges on top I didn't get around to trying them. I was looking forward to this in-between week to try out some of my stash of "to tries", fate hasn't been kind and I've been hit with some sort of bug. I wasn't giving up, so between sleeps (aka nanna naps) I removed my old mani and applied this one in stages. I can say I've learnt that if you're sick applying polish is far harder than it should be. The formula of this polish is lovely and I'm positive the errors were on my side. Enough babbling, look at the pretties, this polish is just fab!

 Of course the first one I tried had to be the green based Angel Kiss. I do love green! The holo in these shows so much better than my other holo polish. Angel kiss just needs a hint of light to show it's beauty.

I love it! and in the light I just can't stop looking at my nails :)

Have a safe Sunday and I hope (everything crossed) I am able to get the New Year's mani that's in my head done before it is actually 2013.

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